A Year End Day Designer Giveaway (& Discount!)

by Whitney on December 23, 2012

In the face of the attack of the stomach bug at our house last week, it was actually a pretty productive week. I deep-cleaned my closet, made several piles of clothes to give away, reorganized shoes, got rid of all those annoying wire hangers that seem to find their way into the closet, despite my futile attempts to annihilate them from our house. Christmas cards have turned into New Years cards, and are on their way out the door, little by little. I’m catching up on thank-you notes from Charley’s birth. The tree is decorated! I hope I can post some pictures later.

I’m excited for Christmas. It’s going to be a simple season for us: we haven’t done gifts for each other. I didn’t think that was an unheard of tradition, but several people looked astonished when I told them we were practicing the art of elimination this year. “But what about your kids?” Our kids will be fine. Our house is full enough with siblings for playmates, and we don’t have room for piles of toys, and what we do have room for, I’m sure our parents will find delight in giving them. On a second note, even though my kids are too young to understand the concept now, I want them to know the joy in giving to others, instead of just receiving. I think there is a neat family tradition to be born out of that.

I’m excited for 2013. Since we all survived the end of the world on Friday, I thought I had better remind all the slackers out there that they had better get on to goal-setting for 2013! I know several people have been hoping Santa will bring them a Day Designer, but if he somehow misses that memo, we’re offering 15% now through January 1, to offset some of the cost in case you need to upgrade shipping.


Our office is closed now through the first of the year. I’m going to hop in a day next week and process any orders that come in between now and then. Day Designers will be available while supplies last, and they are selling fast! In fact, if they keep selling at the rate they have been, we’ll be out by January 15th. That’s amazing, friends. I cannot thank you enough!


If you still want to try your hand at winning one, I thought it would be fun to run a final, year-end giveaway! I know we’re all running around getting Christmas in order, so the giveaway will run through January 1. I’m using Rafflecopter for the giveaway, so that means you can come back each day and gain another entry by tweeting about it again!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wishing you twinkle lights and egg nog delights! Enjoy this long holiday weekend!

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