Alt Summit, Amazing Moment #2

by Whitney on January 28, 2013

The first full day at Alt Summit was solid. I took good notes, walked away with a few nuggets, figured out a couple things I didn’t know. I say that conferences, for me, are nuggets and network. I want to go home with a few ah-ha moments, and a few new friends. Safe to say, that was good and done by the end of day one at Alt, so I had already marked it off in my mind as an event worth returning to.

The evening party was a Clue-themed shindig, complete with a ballroom divided into the floorplan-like Clue game board. I headed to the party with my roommate, Amber Housley. She was dressed in something fabulous as Mrs. Scarlet and I went for the Mrs. White look. All the attendees were resplendent in their jewel-toned hues.

Over the course of the evening, as I chatted with different new friends, I saw a promotion card lying about that told me to tweet to win a headboard and pillows from Joss & Main. Since I’m an introvert at times, it was super easy for me to turn to my phone and compose a tweet, of course never in a million years expecting to win.

BUT I WON! I won a headboard and pillows from Joss & Main!

I’m going to jump really far off topic here, but keep reading, because I promise this will come full circle. Before I left for Alt, my client turned friend, Holly Mathis, and I had started to work on a few amazing collaborations. We’re not ready to launch all of them just yet, but I can tell you that one of them had to do with my house. I think I’ll call it the Home List. I live in a darling little 1960’s Father of the Bride-ish style home, that needs more than a little love in some rooms. I’d love to add some of that love to my house, but the problem is money. If I do anything to my house, it’s going to have to be done on a shoestring. And I mean a SHOE. STRING.


But boy, do I love a challenge. And Alt Summit just confirmed that this crazy idea I had call the Home List is a viable crazy idea. The confirmation came in two ways: one, I WON A HEADBOARD! (See that? Full circle.) And two, as you’ll see in some upcoming posts, Alt Summit helped me believe that it is possible to make amazing, crazy things happen.

There is literally nothing I love more than making (helping? letting?) amazing things happen.

So on that note, stay tuned for a few more things: Alt Summit Amazing Moment #3, Alt Summit Amazing Moment #4, and a full post on the details of the Home List. And have a splendid Monday!

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