Authenticate Workshop Is Headed To Nashville!

by Whitney on February 7, 2013

I’ve been reading Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly the past couple of weeks. Normally I start and stop books and read intermittently, but I’ve barely been able to put Daring Greatly down. I think it must be due in part to the fact that I believe vulnerability, authenticity, and being real, works. Sure it takes courage to be vulnerable and authentic and whole-hearted, but courage just takes practice and baby steps. And I believe that courage and action and baby steps and vulnerability and authenticity change things.

The Why

THAT is why I believe in the Authenticate workshops. The workshop is for people who want to change things, be better,  challenge the status quo, and grow. If you are someone who is ready to take life to the next level, Authenticate may be just the ticket. Authenticate isn’t about action. I’m assuming that you probably already know about facing fear, and taking action, and setting the world on fire–but you may be having a hard time finding focus. You may be distracted by the beauty around you, the fact that “everyone else” seems to “have it all together” (they don’t, I promise). You may feel like your business is out of control, you may feel like you’re failing, like you’re not doing anything well. You may have SO many ideas, you don’t know where to start, or you may feel like your plate is so full that you’ll never be able to get anything done.

What is an Authenticate Workshop?

Authenticate is a 102 level course for creative entrepreneurs designed to help you get to the heart of the matter. Authenticate is about YOU. The primary purpose of Authenticate is to help you get to the core of your brand. Mission statements, purpose statements, and why statements are things that I have sat through many a workshop jotting down ideas about, but rarely memorizing, committing to heart, and then implementing in my everyday life and business. Authenticate is about getting that hard work done, once and for all.

So thank you so much for all of your interest in helping host Authenticate workshops! I’ve had offers from SO many cities, and I’m currently in the process of corresponding with each city host to finalize details and dates. There was a HUGE interest in Nashville, and so much so that I’ve arranged to host a workshop two days in a row! I’ll be doing the first workshop on Wednesday, April 17th, and the second workshop on Thursday, April 18th. Each workshop will have a spot for 20 attendees, and I expect these spots to fill up soon!

Wednesday, April 17th: Hosted by Amber Housley

I’ve been blessed with the privilege of getting to know Amber well over the past couple of years: she attended Stationery Academy the first year, and joined us as a speaker the second year. Amber is genuine, ya’ll. The real deal.

Thursday, April 18th: Hosted by Heather Manor

Heather Manor is the founder of Girl Hearts Camera and is all about community, knowledge, and building a strong brand. She’s a dynamic get-er-done kind of girl, with an eye for design, style, and beauty behind the lens.

The Investment

I desperately want to make this affordable. I’ve been unable to attend workshops in the past because of cost and travel, and I know that’s a lonely place to be. I don’t want anyone to feel that way. However, I also want to be able to provide attendees with an experience that shows them that I care about them and their needs. The workshop will include lunch and beverages and will run from 9 a.m. to whenever–probably around 4:00 or so. Because of that, I’m pricing the Nashville workshop at an early bird rate of $175 through the end of February. Beginning March 1, the ticket price will go to the standard rate of $300, which is still an incredible deal for a workshop with this much content!

Please join us for an incredible day of connecting with like-minded creative entrepreneurs! I can’t wait to meet everyone and get to know you all! Register at Eventbrite before tickets are gone!

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