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by Whitney on June 25, 2012

This morning, I was talking to a friend about all the plans we have in the works for the Stationery Academy Class of 2012. I was telling her that Natalie and I have been talking, planning, and prepping almost daily since we both got back from the National Stationery Show. We are SO EXCITED. My friend asked me why I thought people needed to attend, and a light bulb came on as I realized: I don’t think people need to attend this–I think they DESERVE to attend it. It’s about presenting you and your business in the best, most fulfilling way possible. It’s about encouraging you to be the best version of you that you can possibly be. It’s about positioning your brand for the most impact on your target market. Simply put, it’s amazing.

As I compiled this blog post, I have to admit that I got a little bit teary-eyed. Reading through the re-caps from last year’s attendees (see below) was so moving. The relationships that were built were incredible. The encouragement that has been offered has been incomprehensible. The inner circle that was created by the class of 2011 was invaluable. Those women are going places.

I cannot wait to do it all again. (With a few extra surprises thrown in!)

If you’re thinking about attending, and are on the fence, I curated this little list about why I think Stationery Academy is the most awesome investment you can make in your design career. Without further ado and in no particular order, here are the top ten reasons YOU need to be a part of the Stationery Academy Class of 2012!

  1. Between Whitney and Natalie alone, you’re getting a combined total of 34 years (yep, that’s thirty-four years) of stationery industry experience and insights on all aspects of paper: retail, wholesale, custom, boutique, and licensing!
  2. The food is going to be FABULOUS!
  3. It’s on the beach! They put little umbrellas in drinks!
  4. It’s an experience unlike any other: no where else will you be granted access to an inner circle of experience and encouragement so quickly. The attendees/roommates (if you so choose) are instant friends for life that you can call on for any reason.
  5. Combined experience from twenty other passionate paper designers!
  6. The most encouragement to build your personal brand that you can find in any one weekend! Not only will you find the motivation to do it (I promise), but we’ll walk you through the step-by-step on HOW to do it!
  7. Amber Housley, Rachel Shingleton, and Emily McCarthy: in their own individual rights are all amazing. Putting them all in one room is going to rock your stationer’s socks right off. These ladies are “Open Book Experts”. No questions are off limits. No industry secrets in this room!
  8. Because no matter where you are in your creative career, you’ll get a ton out of it. The value is amazing. YOU DESERVE IT.
  9. The SWAG is monogrammed. How can it get any more Southern and awesome than that?
  10. This year’s curriculum really dives into your brand and how to make your business even more you and therefore, more successful!

Here is a round-up of some of the reviews from last year’s alumni:

  • Holly McKenzie from talks about Stationery Academy here and here.
  • Stacie Shea from Stacie Shea Events blogs it here.
  • Lucy MacDonald from Amare Design tells her story here.
  • Courtney Warren from Come Together Cards chronicles it here.
  • Amber Housley recapped her experience here.
  • Jamie Grasso talks about her experience here.
  • Jessica Ulrich outlined her experience here.
  • And here is my recap of the 2011 Stationery Academy.

We’ve had people from various areas of industry experience ask if Stationery Academy is for them. My answer is that if you’re creative, and you’re an entrepreneur at heart, then hands down, it’s for you. You might be a retailer, you might be a wholesaler just looking for a new path to venture down, you might be young, you might be old. But if you are looking to get fired up and take your brand places, there is no way you will leave Stationery Academy 2012 empty-handed.

We only have a couple of spots left open for the 2012 Stationery Academy! We’d love to have you join us on the beaches of Pensacola on July 26! Click here to sign up before these seats are gone!

On a slightly separate note, just go have an AWESOME week.


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