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by wek on March 19, 2012

Facebook is rolling out the “Timeline” page layout for brand pages in the coming weeks. If you have a brand, and don’t have a cover photo yet, it’s time to start thinking about what sort of layout you’re going to use and what ideas you want to communicate about your brand.

I love the visual communication opportunity this provides brands. Here are some timeline cover photos I’ve stumbled across and really love.

DeluxeModern Design has not only a unique and clever avatar, but they’ve incorporated black and white photography, great typography, pattern and logo all in a clean layout.

Both Gadabout and Note To Self have gone for a scattering of ideals in graphic form. This suits both of their brands so well, as curators of style (much like the kate spade brand).

I like the angle coco+kelley took, posting their tagline in a simple, bold format and brand font.

The Betsywhite Stationery Boutique brand took what I think would be a typical but lovely approach for a stationery company: the straight-on product layout shot. Their buttons provide a call to action, which is brilliant as well.

Vera Bradley uses a whimsical photography shot showcasing their product in a lifestyle setting. Fun, if you can afford really great photography!

And last but not least, kate spade has taken a fun and clever approach by showcasing their “pattern of the month”. (I also love how they are changing their avatar across all social media channels every month as well. A lot of work, but communicates the theme perfectly and visually!)What about you? What Facebook brand pages are you currently loving?

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