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  1. Hmmmm … I have already filled my sheets out (half in pen and half in pencil!), but I may need to review. This was so helpful to read what you were thinking about as you created them. Wishing you luck with the Sharpie!

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  3. I love your authenticity! I have to keep my Sharpies under lock and key because for some reason my boys are obsessed with them. Also really like this planner and think it’s just what I need to keep my focused in 2013. Thanks for the thorough look and happy to find your blog.

  4. would love to get to download this worksheet. it was the one piece i miss in the day designer. Something I need to really complete the strategic planning. Please please please make available!!!

  5. Hi there, I’m just wondering where you get the worksheets now as it says they are now sold separately from the Day Designer. Thanks, J xx

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