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  1. Thanks for the reminder. Up against the wall on this one but determined to prevail. I have 6 chairs that I will paint for Thanksgiving. Starting today.

  2. I love the tip of not starting new things! I needed to hear that. I am trying to remember to circle back to my goals & intentions I had set for 2022; reevaluate if I have time and the mental space to finish them and finish strong.

    I’m hoping to clear a bit more clutter (especially setting aside and noting what I have not used this holiday season so I can donate it). I also would like to try and fit in a few more books/audio books to try and meet my reading goal – but if it does not happen that is ok.

  3. THIS! Such good advice! I have been working on a massive decluttering / minimizing project since September and am committed to completion. On a related note: I have a LOT of unfinished projects (I love to start new things!) so at the end of the year I also give myself permission to simply end unfinished projects that are no longer a priority.

  4. Thank you for the tip on refraining from starting new projects. I love starting new projects, so this hit home for me. This is a great reminder so that I don’t add on anything more and feel overwhelmed instead od accomplished at the end of the year.

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