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  1. Amen! You could have the prettiest logo in the world but your true authentic self is what brands you. I find it hard myself since because I’m such an introvert. I get close but back away from my voice a lot. It’s easier for me to be visual and show my feelings/voice though images. I can’t wait to read more about your steps Whitney!

  2. Wow Whitney this is so good. I use the words authenticity & creativity a lot. September is the time I start creating my life plan/goals for the next year & those two words keep popping up on the list of character traits I want. So I’m wrestling with defining what these words mean to me. Thank you for choosing to “put it out there bare bones & all” you will be immensely blessed for doing it.

  3. Whitney, When I saw you on Smart Creative Women, your words about authenticity grabbed me in the gut. I love all of Monica’s interviews with creatives but your passion and conviction was/is so stirring. Bring it on! You’ve made me think about my own purpose, my brand and the direction I’m going in. Can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts and become more authentic in my own path.

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