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  1. Thank you Whitney for doing this! Im so excited about this opportunity to get involved and realize my true dreams as a creative woman and Mother. I’ve felt so held up by my day to day that I rarely give myself a moment to design anything that flows from my creative side. I’m a little stuck. But I’ve got an idea. And now j need a plan .. I hope I win do I can reap the benefits of your great mind!! Love what you do Whitney !!

    <3, Lindsey Napa CA

  2. Thank you so much for this! The grow and then give back to others that are starting out…amazing. I reviewed the first video yesterday and took two pages of notes. Thank you for giving suggestions and also for sharing mistakes you’ve taken along the way – the help all of us know, growing a business doesn’t run as smooth as it looks sometimes. Fingers crossed, have a great day!

  3. This is amazing, Whitney! You are so inspiring. I love that you are passionate about others being successful! That type of empowering only comes from those who are confident in their own dreams. Thank you for the opportunity for a chance to hang out and learn with you:)

  4. This is a generous offer 🙂 I hope I entered right!?! I only got 3/5 🙁 does that matter or is it random? I’ve had an idea for 20 years that keeps evolving and now that my kids are 18 & 19 I am ready to build this 🙂 Your course would be such a boost of confidence I need 🙂

    1. Oh ya 🙂 I just did your webinar for worksheet and that was fun I’d never done one before! It was impressive how you answered to the chat questions!

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