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  1. Just found your blog and love it! My family and friend inspire me as well, I too love stationary and I am always looking for new!

  2. Ditto on the paper, vacation, and dog inspirations! I'm also inspired by the outdoors(a good rain storm, beach scene or sunset), food, and architecture (especially old buildings)!

    Have you ever tried a website like to "create" color palettes from digital photos? It's pretty fascinating! It's neat to see how technology breaks down the colors of something you might just think "looks pretty".

  3. Each and every day I devote myself to design, inspire and to create an artful life. Aesthetically, I believe beauty is all about "attitude with gratitude" and I feel that shines forth from you!

  4. WHITNEY!! You are so sweet, loved this! Miss you, we need a proper catch up girl!! Love of interiors = Kathryn Ireland and I'm working for her 3 days a week, you need fabrics, I am your girl 🙂 miss you!! Little Birch is a cutie patooooootie, beautiful eyes! So happy for you my friend! xoxo-m

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