Let’s Talk About the Dreaded Scale

Let’s Talk About the Dreaded Scale

A few weeks ago, I stepped on the scale hopeful, and stepped off so frustrated. After three weeks of moderation, portion control, low-saturated fat, good monounsaturated fats, lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, no alcohol, and almost no dairy and no sugar, the darn thing had inched forward anyway. It’s been a lifelong struggle for me. I…

On Writing

Today, I wrote. Life gets in the way of writing. Screaming children, crying children, hungry children, inquisitive children. They get in the way of writing. Text messages, meetings, phone calls. These things get in the way of writing. Insurance claims and dentist appointments and oil changes and grocery runs get in the way of writing….

The Best Moment Ever

I’m getting ready to head out into the madness that is holiday traffic. The day before Christmas Eve, I am going to attempt the feat of grocery shopping. It will test my patience, and drive me to the brink of sanity. Fortunately, I’ve arranged a sitter, so I’m taking only one kid, not three. While…

Babies Don’t Keep

I’m just home from an amazing time at the Bliss & Bokeh retreat. It was so awesome to walk in the door to three little kiddos, all so excited to see me. As I rocked Charley to sleep last night, my heart was happy. A cuddly baby in my arms, sweet little boys downstairs playing…