Shop: Fishes Eddy

I love Fishes Eddy in NYC. Their tableware is simple in element, detailed in execution, and excellently branded. My favorite mug is the “Hotel Times Square” mug; the size is perfect for morning coffee. Their Polka Dot collection is fun; the two handled dish doubles as a great bowl for soup or cereal. The Floorplan…

a month in new york

Hello, friends. Short story short: I decided to start a blog detailing my events in NYC this month. I don’t intend for it to exist any longer than the length of this month, but just sort of wanted a way to record my adventures. Summary of events so far: David and I arrived Friday evening….

Bachelor Theory

I have a theory about the Bachelor/Bachelorette series on ABC. I’ve always speculated that the Bachelor relationships will never last, because men are hunters, and in that show they are being hunted. It’s not in a man’s nature to find himself caught, and happy being there. On the Bachelorette series, however, the guys are doing…