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  1. I stumbled across your website from a Brandality Quiz I just took and happened to see the headline for this post.

    Considering this is my first encounter with your brand, I must say this post made me SMILE. My faith is central to all I do as well and I love how you mentioned that if your clients, family, friends “can’t see my faith through my daily words and actions, then perhaps there are bigger issues at play”.

    FABulous celebration of Easter and all you do!

    with love,
    Allison Fab Howell

  2. Oh Whitney! Thank you for this! You are such a role model to me, and I love the way your faith permeates everything you do.

    I take a similar approach. I pray and hope my actions, words, kindness, and love show others my faith on a daily basis, but I also don’t want to be all “Jesus-y” all the time and so turn myself and my business into a club where only believers feel welcome.

    I want to welcome and love on everyone, and share Jesus after that happens. And I love that you do that too!

    We celebrate Easter with hidden Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts like most people, but most importantly, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I shared more about what we believe and about my own little boy’s first encounter with Jesus on my IG this week…. the moment when he prayed, “Jesus, heart, please” at not even 3 years old. I was so nervous that I’d lose half my followers and get mean comments and hate mail. But I didn’t care because I felt called to do it.

    You know what? The hate mail and mean comments didn’t come, but I’m still praying for the seekers to reach out – to ask questions – to give me the chance to pray with them.

    Praying daily that God uses my business for His glory – and I’m so glad to call you a sister in Christ!

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