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  1. Whitney,

    I am so proud of you and love reading your blog and posts! I also LOVE your planner and would love to have one. Surprisingly, I have become quite the organizational queen and in graduate school to receive a Master’s in Organizational Leadership. Hope all is well and so happy you’re back with Dan and crew. I miss the paper world so much! Hope you’re doing well and staying somewhat sane with a successful business and precious kiddos (oh, and hubs.)

    Take Care,
    Sara Beth

  2. Whitney, the last time we had lunch you were thinking about taking on a few partners for a new venture and you had 1 child! Now I get a great email from you and find that you have 3 children, this great blog, and (no surprise here) a bazillion other cool things going on! You Rock! I never spend time on social media and this morning I listened to one of your videos, read your blog, and canvased the options for the day organizer on Etsy. Great job! Would love to catch up in person sometime!

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