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  1. Whitney, Whitney, Whitney-
    Thank you! I’m walking through this moment in my life right now. Between work, the wedding, WLc and figuring out what my life will look like on Jan. 1 I am standing in the middle of life’s hallway dazed and confused. Your words however, provide more encouragement than you. In this post alone you exemplify YOUR purpose…your talent is your wisdom, your transparency and your unique ability to organize thoughts/situations into managable peices. In this blog you help so many with your wisdom and insight. One of your many purposes, dear one, is you give vision, clarity and hope to many. As for Kiddo- well you’re his mama, so I promise he will be just fine. xo

    1. Whitney, Whitney, Whitney – I love you. What a beautiful little comment. Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for the props, thank you for the pat on the back, thank you for believing that my kids will turn out OK! Keep us all posted on WLC! XOXO!

  2. Don’t ya love it when God lines up a message meant exactly for you at exactly the right time? It’s happened several times to me lately, too. I want to add one more “F” word to your group (though it’s not related to the sermon): Friend. Whitney, know that you’ve got friends – even new ones – walking through that same dark tunnel with you, putting one foot in front of the other, trusting in God that the light is ahead of us somewhere. We may all have different trials, but we’re right there with you. Praying for you, friend! xo
    Romans 5:3-5

    1. Marianne – YES, it was one of those moments. Almost like, I think that guy is talking to ME, and wanting to look around the room to see if anyone else was even listening. Thank you for being such a dear, sweet, beautiful friend. I’m off to look up that Romans bit! Much love!!

  3. Funny because when I was reading your post I thought ‘is she writing this for me? Can she see inside my world?’ Thank you so much for your encouragement to others. When I was reading about your Sunday I just wanted to help you. Bravo to you for heading to church alone with three kiddos.

  4. a- you took 3 little kids to church alone. THAT takes amazing strength and energy on a GOOD day and God knows it, sees it, and delights in it 🙂

    b-AMEN to Marianne! We are all in the trenches together. After the past month of craziness here, I have been dumbfounded by the complete details in which God orchestrates our lives…in the good times and in the more difficult times. He has our backs…all the time. Who else would you want and trust more than God alone?

    Look forward to talking to you soon! 🙂

    c- Add these to your reading list if you don’t already have them: Jesus Calling and Jesus Today by Sarah Young. The most encouraging SHORT moments that will get you thru ANY day!

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