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  1. way to go on your healthy eating. 🙂 I love that phrase of leaning in…doing what’s uncomfortable at first and using that to overcome and succeed. A couple of years ago i learned how to swim after a lifelong fear of the water. imagine a 40 something year old crying in the pool during the first lesson. 🙂 i did my first triathlon a few months later 🙂 and since then i refuse to limit my life based on what scares me.

    1. Nancy, congrats on the triathlon! I love your words, “I refuse to limit my life based on what scares me.” And then using that to overcome and succeed, I love it!

  2. WOW, this post really spoke to me Whitney! I am at the beginning of the same health kick myself, and I can absolutely understand what you are talking about. I cannot wait to see where this path leads!! Congrats….Ginny

    1. Ginny, good job on your health kick! I’ve found that it’s hardest when I travel, but it’s definitely all about the mindset. My mantra lately has been, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”! Keep me posted on your journey!

  3. oh whitney, i came to the site to get the values worksheet that the day designer pointed me towards and have spent the loveliest 10 minutes on your blog. grateful for the clarity of your writing that inspires me to write more, grateful for this amazing day designer that is rocking my morning, grateful for green smoothies and health and especially grateful for you. i feel your momentum and it’s a wonderful sight! xoxo, -melanie-

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