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  1. I absolutely love this post Whitney. I’ve never been a fan of “follow your heart” or passion for that matter either!! This is great practical advice….we all need more of this in our lives!!!

  2. I have the same gripe about everyone’s “ideal client.” Ideal clients are great for getting some clarity, but more often than not, they end up being a perfect version of ourselves with money falling out of our pockets. Just because you are over the moon for your “ideal client,” doesn’t mean that little unicorn exists. Start with your ideal client, but then go find out if she actually exists! BTW, got my 2016 Day Designer. Can’t wait for 2016!!!

  3. Great post! I think you are spot on, in that the first question we should ask ourselves is “what problem do I want to solve?”. The answer may be in the form of a new business, but it may nots Have you read Bill Hybels book Simplify? I loved the excerpt on pay vs passion, and that quite frankly, not many achieve the perfect balance of doing what they love and getting paid really well for it. In fact, very few do. He talks about the choices we make and options of Low Pay + High Passion = Supplement your Income or High Passion + Low Pay = Supplement your Passion. For me, I have a high paying full time job which allows me to pursue my passion for photography. Someday I may be able to support myself by just doing that, however if not, im OK with that, I am thankful I have a job and I am thankful that I can still do what I love. I just don’t believe that everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur; it’s not for the faint of heart. Also, I’m of the philosophy .if you help someone and expect something in return ($), you are not practicing kindness you are doing business. 🙂

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