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  1. I love the Designer and Haven’t brought yet!…BUT I plan to do just that really soon.
    I personally agree..everyone deserves to be appreciated just because we’re HUMAN! For god sake….
    QS: I always give compliments to someone at the office who let’s just say she was not as confident as some. However, on this very day we had a chat in the break area and I ask her “Do you ever see yourself becoming a Real Estate Professional (she was an assistant at the time)? ” She says ” No, I don’t want to deal with all of the annoying blah, blah, blah. ” So I begin to praise her work ethic as an assistant because HANDS DOWN she’s GREAT! To make a long story shorter — the lovely assistant has now became an active Selling RealEstate Agent!! Yes! See its what we see in others and letting them know you are worth the try (again)…. She’s knows the ins/outs anyway…her boss is a great teacher too!

    Thanks for such pleasant thoughtful treats! 😉

    @RealEstateStylista <3

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