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  1. HI Whitney,

    Just wanted to leave a comment that I am very excited to be receiving my CLASSIC black/white day designer! Its very much needed in my hectic life of trying to start a company and being a mommy plus working a full time job. Im so glad I stumbled upon you and your great product. Im excited to keep up with you and your journey as an entrepreneur and mommy! Very inspiring! Keep up the great work!

  2. So happy I stumbled across your website. I absolutely love the layout and styling of the Day Designer and I’m looking forward to seeing the new things you’re working on.

    I also love that you’re based in OKC! I’ve spent a lot of time in Oklahoma and have really grown to love it.

  3. I’m ready to buy my first Day Designer and I love the aqua shells cover so much. Will it be restocked? If not I’m ordering the pink Ikat but am afraid to wait too long and lose out on it too. Life changing things to worry about here! 😉

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