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  1. Thanks for a great post! I feel I get into a state of flow when I’m single minded about what I’m doing, and also when I have deadlines around my goals. Constantly trying to find balance between the to dos and must dos – prioritizing is also a key thing when it comes to getting into that beautiful state of flow xx

  2. This is my life every single day. I start my mornings focused on the Lord, then I shift gears into feeding myself and “working”, once i get into work mode, I look up and noticed that it’s already 1:30. Lunch was not prepared or eaten, not sure what I’ve got done now that the peace and quiet is about to end in an hour or so… I usually take a break around this time, refuel, and determine the task that needs to get done that afternoon. Determining the goal/task, taking break and breather away from what you’re trying to achieve and jotting down thoughts, that helps me to refocus myself. Great post!

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