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  1. I am cracking up!!! I couldn’t agree more, however. If I hadn’t been blessed with my pregnancies, I would have become a mother no matter what and how! I’m glad you had such a great experience at MTH!

  2. You write so beautifully. Loved this post. Sometimes you just have to let it all out. I truly look forward to seeing how each of these stories evolves.

  3. Every time I read a post, you get more and more fabulous. I am so excited about your new stationary deal. Please keep us posted. Want to hear all about your success!

  4. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the phone call today in enough words. My mind is spinning and the paper full of notes is going to turn into actions! Thank you and I love the direction your in!

  5. Ooooo Whitney! So excited for you! I know you love those foldovers and can’t wait to see your new pieces! Congrats to you and your clarity! And I am really interested in the Authentication Program…sounds incredible!

  6. First off, so excited for you for going to Making Things Happen!! I have heard such amazing thigns about the conference, in fact I just pre-ordered the new power sheets so I could feel like a small part of me was involved in it too haha!! Loved your brain dump, I feel like I need to do a similar exercise to clear my mind and focus on what I need to work on and what I do well!

    Thanks for Sharing!

  7. I was curious to hear how it went, Whitney! I too have been wanting to attend it for quite some time. Will send over an email soon.



  8. Callings can not be denied. You can procrastinate, justify and try all your get-out-of-jail free cards, but eventually you have to face it head on. There’s no workaround for soul work. March on sister and let the ideas flow.

  9. Whitney, congrats on the Boatman Geller announcement! Loved everything about this share! Love seeing you refine your gifts, your brand and your story! I have learned countless lessons from you and your willingness to share, and I’m blessed for it! Thank you!

  10. Oh, Whitney, sometimes I just want to hug you and hold on for a while and talk with no words being said. You have express what’s in my heart at this time of my life. I’m doing a 31 days series on simplicity and talk mostly about it there. I also love instagram (and social media), but I don’t talk much about God, because I don’t want people to think I’m a fanatic (but I love Him so much), or talk about wine (which I also enjoy), because I don’t want others to think I’m all about alcohol, and the business (oh boy!), my husband tells me, “what you don’t show, wont sell”. I know, I get it, I’m shy (very shy) and I’m not so good about talking about myself. I feel like if I share the handbags a lot, I’m doing just that. But, at the same time. God gave me that ability to make them and there is a purpose, to reach out to others and share the good news (Jesus) and teach them (inspire them) to do what they are meant to do. Find their purpose and make it happen. Love your idea about starting an Authenticate Education program. If you need any help, please contact me. I love being able to be used as a tool to reach out to others and use my voice for a greater purpose than just being home making handbags (which I love to do too). I’ll help if you wish. Love your words, your heart and your designs. We are all creative human beings, all with different styles, but creative. Hugs!

  11. I was nodding along to all of this, Whitney. You inspire me so much and I would trust you with pretty much every aspect of my brand…because I trust YOU. You are authentic and real and kind and incredibly talented. I’m so excited to see what is ahead for you!!

  12. I just love your heart and your honesty. And #3, the point about fear of what others think holding you back? Oh man, that’s me. And, oh man, you putting it out there and saying it’s true about you, too, made me think. So let’s blog about God and cocktails and the creative stuff we are doing and not worry one smidge about the rest! I’m excited about your new ventures, and I love your authenticity!

  13. Great post Whitney! The way you wrote sounds exactly how I have felt many times since going to Stationery Academy. I have so many ideas and thoughts- revelations! Congratulations on all your new successes and plans- sounds exciting!

  14. Whitney! I’m so glad we got to say HI! at Making Things Happen. Although I would have loved to chat more, I’m thankful for the quick hello 🙂

    I just wanted share that a few points above hit hard for me. Especially centered around “what will people think of me?!”. This was my biggest focus point for MTH this year and I’m working really hard to open myself (and my life up) no matter what other people will think. I’m adopting a “screw them, I’m gonna do me” attitude and it’s working out pretty well so far!

    Anyways, I’ll be following along more often and can’t wait to read more posts!

  15. Hi Whitney! I’ve been following you on Instagram and reading your blog for a while now and I love it. I can really relate to your path as a creative person and entrepreneur. I have a company myself called Estrella de Mar (“starfish” in Spanish). I work with women artisans in Guatemala to create fashion and home accessories. These women are so inspiring (they are survivors of the Guatemalan Civil War) and the handmade goods they produce are beautiful. I hope it will become very successful, but I’m a young entrepreneur and there is a huge learning curve. Anyway, thank you for sharing so much about your journey!

  16. A MILLION times thank you for writing this. It was exactly what I needed right now. I’m SO with you in wanting to fight the fear of what “people” will think. Let’s do this!

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