1. Love the Blue Willow since I was a child playing in my grandmother’s china cabinet! Now I have all of her china but have never seen those precios berry bowls! Love all the Blue and White and perfect paring with Draper James!

    1. Love the Blue.& White!!
      My dinner ware is Blue & white pottery. I’m addition. I have Blue & White Christmas plates that were a gift from my parents
      It is just so lovely. Thank you for sharing your collection Whitney

  2. I love the blue and white theme.
    I loved the Boo Box.
    I love your content and look forward to your new adventures.
    Thanks for adding beauty to my email box.

    1. So happy to hear you loved your Boo Box and are enjoying the English Edit and blog content!

      *The Whitney English Team*

  3. Oh, how generous of you, Whitney! I’ve loved blue and white dishes since my grandmother had a collection of patterns when I was a child. Such lovely goodies. 💙🤍

  4. The Dutch side of me is jumping up and down with joy over all the blue and white! I am convinced there can never be too much blue and white. 🤍💙

  5. I discovered some beautiful blue and white dishes from 1883 at goodwill last week – such a find! Love your style!

  6. Love your sticky pads. I’m currently using mine to plan my Thanksgiving meal prep. I peel and stick it in my planner so I know what I need to buy that week to prepare.

    1. So happy to hear that you are loving your planner, Kristi! Thanks for participating in the comment contest!

      *The Whitney English Team*

  7. It’s so funny how we all try not to end up sounding or acting like our mothers at some point/stage of life and then we realize they were right all along. Thanks for sharing your experiences, ideas, and classic styles with us. The time with littles is so precious and goes by way too fast so all of the planning and organizing tips/tools helps me get more quality time with my girls. Now if only our kids will figure it out faster than we did!

    1. It’s a rite of passage, isn’t it? So happy to hear that you are able to get more quality time with your girls thank to Whitney’s tips and tools!

      *The Whitney English Team*

  8. I love all your products. My daughter introduced me to them. If I won the November contest I would give it to her. She has her Aunt’s Blue Willow tea set (dates back at least 65 years or more). Tina is now ready to start letting her own daughter use it. I know she would love it and put it to good use.

  9. I’ve loved the blue willow pattern since I was a teenager and saw a picture in a magazine of the gorgeous dishes set over dark red chargers in a holiday tablescape. I was fortunate enough to find a set for sale at a price I could afford and now I use them every day. Blue and white has been my *thing* every since!

  10. What a juicy contest… how fun! I have been tearing through your notebooks and notepads like nobody’s business, so this would be such a welcome treat. And of course who can resist Draper James cuteness and those Blue Willow bowls! SO PRETTY! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. I’m just starting to collect blue and white china. These are such fun posts. Thanks for bringing such great content- it’s refreshing in a world of constant scrolling ❤️

  12. Just finished setting the table for a dinner party tomorrow evening with my blue willow! Those berry bowls are AMAZING! Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

  13. My grandmillineal loving heart adores all of the blue and white! I hang beautiful blue and white plates on my wall every chance I get!

  14. My grandmillineal loving heart adores all of the blue and white! I hang beautiful blue and white plates on my wall every chance I get!

  15. What a fun giveaway! Love a meal plan notepad, it is so nice to fill out and stick up for the family to see. It is so nice that the decision of “what’s for dinner’ has already been made earlier in the week!

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