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  1. Manchester is one of my favorites! My kitchen and studio in Houston were Manchester. Used it again in my master and sitting room here on the farm. I like that it has a little moodiness to it. Not just straight up gray. Happy 2014 to you!

  2. I absolutely love BM pale oak. We just recently painted the entire interior of our home with it. It’s a perfect neutral in my opinion:)

  3. love all these colors! in fact… My whole house interior trim is lambswool and my walls are lambswool x 2. My kitchen cabinets are lambswool and very slightly glazed in the cracks with dark brown glaze. I HEART lambswool 🙂 And I have pops of red all over 🙂

  4. I love Holly! She has helped me with 3 houses now. Love the idea of horizon on the ceilings! might just copy that! You are so right paint is such a great way to change a room… quickly and inexpensively.

  5. I couldn’t pin those colors fast enough! Such good neutrals….some I have used before. I have been a fan of Lambswool for years….glad to see it was on your list!

  6. I just read your guest post over at Holly Mathis and I’m so excited to see what you both put together! This color scheme is beautiful. I’m always searching for great paint colors and keep a box of them in my house. I didn’t know you worked for Charles Faudree – how amazing! What you must have learned that you’ll never forget. I love that you threw in the Restoration Hardware Right White because the “right white” is always hard to find. Thanks for putting these together for all of us!

  7. Holly helped me with my family room awhile back. Loved her! Love this list. I used lots of yellows/red too 10 years ago when we moved in and now I’m like you, room by room trying to go more neutral and minimalist. Thank you for sharing. And Charles Faudree??? Wow!!!! Love his work 🙂

  8. Just read your post on Holly’s blog! What a lovely lovely post!!!! Totally love everything Holly does! Hopefully will be using her to get my house in ship shape this year!!!! Your family is precious…that pic of your littles on your bed and that little one with the glasses….I DIE!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your post! I live in Edmond by the way!!! Yay Oklahoma!

  9. Love ….Contemplation I used it in my dad ‘s bedroom he is elderly and has a live in care taker.
    The room has lots of light so the tones change though out the day. The mood always seem bright even on gloomy days.
    Thanks for the post.

  10. I just love your blog! Glad I found it upon googling BM Pale Oak paint color! I have used the beautiful color in most of my home, and am always getting compliments on it. I also love BM Revere Pewter and have used it in my living room and kitchen.

  11. I’m looking for a gray/blue/green paint color. I have a knotty pine vaulted ceiling, medium oak floors. This room is a large dining room with one large window, but does not get much direct sunlight. Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much!

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