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  1. What an amazing post! I felt like you wrote it for me! So many times I compare myself to other people who have bigger houses with nice furniture and go on multiple vacations a year. My husband and I live in a fixer upper that desperately needs windows amongst other things….we haven’t been on a vacation in six years, he works two jobs, I have my full time job while trying to have a business. I am so thankful and grateful for what we have, but it is hard sometimes to not get the gimmes especially when everyone around you seems to get whatever they want. Ok, enough of my ranting. My Honda rules! It’s paid for 🙂

    1. Oh, Elizabeth! You are NOT alone! I am right there with you! Life isn’t what people always make it out to be, I know. I’m grateful that I can at least have control on the outlook, even if at times it feels like I can’t control the outcomes! xoxo to you!

  2. Hi Whitney, your willingness to share authentically first with your sister and then with us Internets is evidence the Holy Spirit is living and active within you! Your wisdom to know/understand the gimmes are not to be trifled with…our enemy is a professional tempter and his plan would have been for you to nurture your discontent and keep it secret until havoc is wreaked on the inside…until a momentary gimme settles into full blown discontent with your circumstances. How wise to reach out and share with your sister…and how wise of her to call you out. She loves you! As long as we live on this side of heaven, especially living in this “culture of consumption” the gimmes will be nipping at our heels…even if they are from a yard sale and aren’t Louboutins. 🙂

  3. Oh Whitney! This is such a great post!!! I get the gimme-gimmes every now and then and my parents have to bring me back to reality sometimes. Thank you for sharing this. Your boys and little girl are so privileged to have a momma like you!

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