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  1. This is a reminder to myself, just enjoy the moment. The computer, Internet, and social media has completely changed the way we live, both good and not so good.

    Work has become my identity and I’m working hard to change that! I resolve to go back to the basics, for me that’s journaling.

  2. I appreciate the blog, it is very timely as I sit in my office facing a new year with new “fires” to address. I have tried to ensure that as an issue arises, I write it down and then move on to what I was working on “in the present”. This works only if the issue isn’t a burning need (which in my opinion, is not typical, but ask the person who submitted the issue their opinion…(laughing)). I will give the deep breathing a try; that sounds good and relaxing. I have started to put my phone away during dinner (previously it was on the table right next to my plate). This allows me to focus on my family and talk about the events of the day. I am finding this easier than initially thought.

  3. My six year old called me out on my screen time this week. It broke my heart. It makes me want to throw the damn phone out the window. I feel so tied to it, though because I use it to keep up with people, run my business, and I need the reminder beeps for appointments, even though I write things down in a
    planner. This is a good list. I wish the screen time thing was not such a struggle.

  4. Everyday, I text myself three “non-negotiables” and at the end of the day they must be accomplished (or at least started). 1. Is an act of kindness. 2. Is something personal or family oriented to accomplish. 3. Is a professional or work related task. I am an attorney, it usually looks something like this:
    1. Send a hand written thank you to Whitney.
    2. Get Henry’s favorite snack for school.
    3. Finalize draft of John’s contract.

  5. Thank you Whitney. This is a good reminder at a time when planning and goals are in everyone’s minds. It is so important to be present in the season you are in and be grateful for it.

  6. We’ve lost so much interaction personally with each other. It’s all getting done in a text or email.
    Don’t get me wrong I use this service to but I always make sure to touch base with hubby during supper or while getting ready for the day.
    Nothing can replace human touch, the human voice or a nice old fashioned hug and a hand shake. .

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