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  1. Hi Whitney,
    I had just finished reading the 29th day of “I Declare” by Joel Osteen this morning and thought how the things you said today go right along the lines of this declaration. I am going to share with you this one as I believe you will like it too.

    I DECLARE God is working all things together for my good. He has a master plan for my life. There may be things I don’t understand right now but I’m not worried. I know all pieces aren’t there yet. One day it will all come together and everything will make sense. I will see God’s amazing plan taking me places I never dreamed of. This is my declaration.

    Each day there are inspirating, uplifting, and encouraging declarations for our lives followed by a short story. They are quick reads but seem to always hit me where I am each morning.

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. I love Aldi too. We have one right around the corner from our house. Did you know that it is owned by the same parent company as Trader Joe’s? There is just something about saving all that $$$! And I like that it is small and not stacked to the ceiling and the hodge podge of treasures in the middle of the store…you never know what you might find.

  3. Whitney, I’m so grateful for some re-framing that’s been happening for me lately as well. Lots and lots of it, it seems. Also, I’ve still never shopped at an Aldi in the States, but I loved them when I lived in Germany and was so surprised to see them popping up here in Texas amidst the HEB empire. We even have one coming to Waco! I’m not a coffee drinker, but if I remember right, there are other treats to enjoy.

    I’m so glad you shared about the totes! I just bought 3 pink peyton totes & 1 navy chinoiserie tote. I get one of each and a sister-in-law and friend will each get 1 peyton holding a few other little things. What a happy Monday. Off to do some grocery shopping of my own while things are calm. 🙂

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