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  1. Hi Whitney, I am so happy you have found the courage to ask for help. It is not easy to do all of the things we ask of ourselves. And it is even harder to take the time to listen to our own bodies. I can empathize and have been struggling for several years to find my own solution. With the growth of my two children, I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated and angry with myself and them. One day I kicked a hole in a door. I knew then it was time to ask for help. I was diagnosed with ADHD and thought really?! But as I have researched myself, it makes alot of sense. I am still working with a psychiatrist and a therapist to feel ‘normal’. Just keep in mind it is a process. And you are not alone. Hugs

  2. Well said Whitney! Our previous doctor just kept telling my husband to stop being lazy and lose weight, that being overweight was the source of his extreme tiredness. We went to a concierge doctor through WebMD and she did a complete medical review, even testing vitamin levels that weren’t in the usual annual exam. Come to find out, children in Ethiopia have more vitamin D than my husband! He also has other deficiencies including B12. With the vitamin supplements, he’s down 20 lbs and feeling great! I highly encourage people to get their vitamin
    Levels tested! 😀

  3. So happy you got tested and hope you are feeling better after starting the supplement! I went through a phase where I was constantly staying up too late at night to make up for the lack of things I accomplished during the day due to…FATIGUE…what a stupid self-defeating circle I got myself into! My doctor gave me a test to see if I had the MTHFR gene mutation and I did (so does my mother and sister) so I am taking Methly Protect supplements and my brain fog and slight depression have really improved so much! It is so very important to have a vigilant doctor!
    XOXO Monika

  4. Thanks for sharing your heart with such vulnerability, Whitney. Your genuineness and honesty are so encouraging for all of us – especially those of us who are also mamas and entreprenuers!

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