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  1. Whitney – my red flag is when I would rather clean the oven, mop the floor (insert any dreaded home chore here) than tackle my priority list that will move my business forward. It is such a Big. Red. Flag. When that happens I try to find a couple of hours in my schedule. I mark it off and do something physical for 30 or so minutes, then review my goals and next actions list to explore what is out of line. It is always there and very obvious. As soon as it is fixed and realigned I could care less about the over or floor! Great post.

  2. My big red flag is when I turn away from daily review of my goals and just wander through my days. Then I find I haven’t been tracking my progress, and I feel frustrated. The other one is when I choose to sleep in instead of get up for my “me” time in the morning. Getting up at 5:30 isn’t my favorite, but it is crucial for me to have to write and do art every day, to plan my day, and prioritize. I’m learning to welcome my self-care habits as important and worth honoring. Great post!

  3. Thank you Whitney for this article I really needed to read it. Not caring is a BIG one of mine . To be honest I have already given up. I don’t care about much these days. The depression and chronic pain have taken a toll on me. Reading this made me stop and think. I need to start caring .

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