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  1. Yes!! I had this epiphany several years ago. I could either protect myself or go all in and savor every moment. It was liberating once I made that decision to go all in. Life is for living fully instead of letting fear dictate our decisions.

  2. Your words resonate with me this holiday season. I recently left my full-time job to focus more on my family, and while I’m happy with the decision I made I find myself worrying about what could happen now that I don’t have my career. All of the ‘what ifs’ keep running through my mind. What if my husband gets sick (even though he’s healthy now)? What if we need more money (even though we’re comfortable now)? What if, what if, what if? Living life based on the ‘what ifs’ definitely robs me of joy. Thanks for a reminder to choose joy this season.

  3. I started the practice of ”giving thanks daily” in a season of darkness shortly after miscarriage. It was in those days that I learned joy can truly be obtained not only when things are going as we hope. Joy is ours for the taking…let’s own it whether storm or calm. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Whitney.

  4. One thing that works for me is getting out of the house and taking a walk outside. Something about the fresh air, the expanse of the outdoors, and being surrounded by the beauty of nature helps to clear my mind and put things in perspective.

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