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  1. Thanks for your honesty Whitney- and that’s so, so, so cool. Thank you for sharing how you and your family are making it through- how all the hard work in the same direction is coming to bring about something good. So many of us need to hear this!

  2. Oh Whitney, thank you so much for sharing this. I had tears in my eyes reading this, knowing those feelings a little too well. I am so glad that y’all are making it and persevering through- and with flying colors too! So excited for your family!!! xoxox

  3. So I know you missed your kids waking you up every morning… But how was I for your replacement kids? Should I have jumped on the bed every morning?

    PS I love you Kolbs!

  4. I’m filled with happiness for you, Whitney. Grateful for so many blessings, knowing that more struggles lie ahead for all of us, but our eye is on the ultimate prize.

  5. thank you for sharing this bit of your story. i love hearing about men who love their families and take true ownership of providing for them. it’s so great to see that you are both so supportive of your careers while still caring for and loving your family!

  6. love this so much : “Work like praying doesn’t matter and pray like working doesn’t matter”
    I appreciate your honesty and eagerness to connect+encourage, I’m lucky to have spent a few days with you in Dallas, thank you.

  7. Love this Whitney! I’m so happy for you and your family and so grateful that you share your story. We are finally seeing the other side of things too and it’s definitely faith in God and each other that we venture into this new phase in our lives with baby #2!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing pieces of your story – even the not so glamorous pieces. Because we all know that life isn’t always glamorous – just not enough people are talking about that part of life – so it’s refreshing to see “authenticity” on this level. I’m so happy to hear that things are looking up for you and your family – I’ll pray that your burdens will continue to be light! Thank you also for giving so much of yourself to the development and betterment of other creative entrepreneurs… I sure am grateful to be a beneficiary of your generosity, and I intend to give credit where credit is due!

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