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    1. I know, Dallas, WAHOO, right? Thank you so much for all your insights at the 2012 Academy–they added a lot of valuable insight to our conversations! See you SOON, I’m sure!

  1. OMGeeeeee…in my home state! I am about 400 miles away in South Texas but I will be there. I just opened a stationery shop (on my 4th week of business) and this academy has been on my mind since you all started it. I will definitely see you all in 2013 🙂 TY for the great, GREAT news!

    1. I don’t think I can imagine a future Stationery Academy without you. Who else will be able to make me laugh so hard I cry? I love your sense of humor!! xoxo!

  2. Let’s see……people who are passionate about paper, details and tons of monogrammed swag? Sign me up! I so want to go. I don’t think I’ll be able to swing that with a one month old newborn though. Darnit!

  3. I am not sure I can even put into words what I left FL with besides talented friends, new and fresh ideas and more swag with the monogram NSE than you can shake a stick at! Stationery Academy was like a breathe of fresh air for me and you can bet I will be packing my bags and heading back to Dallas this summer. If you are even slightly interested .. GO, I promise you will not regret it!
    Here is my recap– sorry, Whitney.. I forgot to post for you to add ..

  4. Your post re-charged me. I would LOVE to attend this year. I’ve owned my own small company for years and am constantly trying to get it to the next level. I just finished rebranding and rebuilding my website and now and stuck trying to drive traffic (again). Am I worthy of this workshop? I would love to be around like minded women for a few days. Please add me to the list…

    Now I’m going to reread the post again…it’s make me happy.

    1. Lori: one word: ABSOLUTELY. You are absolutely worthy of attending Stationery Academy. On top of being worthy, I know you’d leave completely fired up about the future in general. We’d love to have you in 2013!!

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