The One Thing You CAN Get Done Every Day

Big progress. Little progress. Old progress. New progress. Short progress. Long progress. High progress. Low progress. Bad progress, good progress. Fat progress, skinny progress. Pretty progress, ugly progress. Perfect progress, flawed progress. It doesn’t matter what kind of progress you’re making. The amazing thing about progress is that it all counts. What doesn’t count: Stationary….

Smarts vs. Passion

There are smart people and there are passionate people. Smart people show up, do good work, and then go home. Passionate people can’t help but show up early, drive everyone crazy with ideas, suggestions, and numerous attempts at solutions that result in both success and failure. They stay late, and they annoy the smart people…

You’re Worth It

I’ve been blessed to be gifted with some major clarity on my brand lately. Wait, we talk about “brands” a lot. Maybe I should clarify: I don’t mean brand, I mean my life’s work. I’ve spent a lot of time observing and researching, and educating myself on, the concepts of internet marketing this past year….

Much Is Not More

Much Is Not More

As I write, we are trucking down the highway. David is driving, the kids are tightly tucked in their carseats, and we are barreling down this road on an evening excursion. To the car wash. For kicks and giggles, as my cousin James likes to say. The scenario feels a lot like life does sometimes:…