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  1. My boys are 9, 9, and 5 and I long for the days when they were little. Like the song says “You’re gonna miss this” and you do but like you said you have to love where you’re at and enjoy each moment, good and bad, because you will miss it and want it back.

  2. Best post ever Whitney! Totally my life right now and my day today. Yes, there are still a million things on my to do list–both for work and for the holidays–but I put it all on pause for a couple hours to take my toddler out for pancakes in her jammies and go to Target for stocking stuffers. Yes, we took 47 trips to the bathroom and there was no pee. Yes, she managed to cover herself completely in syrup. Yes, she came home and needed to dump out every lego ever before nap time. And still it is the best day ever!

  3. I’m singing in my head and doing the moves to my favorite jazzercise song. It would go perfectly with this post. If you want I’ll do the dance and you can read this out loud. We could perform at family Christmas. Let me know. I’m always ready to jazz w you…

  4. I love this Whitney! As always, it seems like your words of honesty commingled with wisdom are speaking to me today. Last night as I was reading The Happiness Project (for the third time) and truly soaking in Gretchen Rubin’s words while simultaneously flipping through How to Talk So Kids Will Listen.. I was doubting my ability as a parent and wondering have I missed the boat to be present and enjoy where I am. And the resounding answer is NO. Thanks for reminding me to savor my season. I am often so wrapped up in wondering if I have missed it that I forget to stop, look around and soak it in. Crazy or not – it’s all mine. Hugs, my friend, and I cannot wait to see you in Feb. xo

  5. Whitney, or can I still call you “Pink?”

    I am so glad to see you’re blogging again. I’m putting you on my to read list.

  6. That’s exactly how I feel this Christmas season. Extremely tired, thankful, living room scattered with toys, children fussing but not wanting these moments as hard as they are to pass me by. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  7. I just found you and your blog, Whitney. Having grown children, I can tell you, I miss the youthful energy of having a full and active household but it’s a change that is inevitable. The key is to appreciate it while in the midst as you do. For me, now on to other creative endeavors! 🙂 I just ordered your planner. It looked wonderful with a lot of thought put into it. I hope it will help me to organize and plan my blog content and photography schedule. So nice to meet you. Happy new year!

  8. I have a teenager and a sister almost the same age that I helped raise. Although there’s still a mess (mainly in their rooms), they don’t really want/need me anymore. I went from being their everything to being their unpaid chauffeur. But I miss those times where I thought I was losing my mind with the two kids and the two jobs.
    Enjoy it, take pictures of it, relish it, document it, I wish I had. No day is ever the same and you’ll never get those days back.

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