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  1. I got to see the planner at the Dallas market however we just couldn’t pick up another line. I would like to purchase the planner for myself. Who is carrying the line in Arkansas and I will contact the store directly! I appreciate your help and love all your stuff!

    1. Hi Kelli,

      We don’t have any retailers in Arkansas who are carrying the line just yet, but you can order one from the Etsy shop:, or keep an eye on the website for a retailer listing to appear when the books start shipping August 15th! Thank you for asking!

  2. Hi Whitney! Can you tell me if this is recommended more for those who are entrepreneur or would you recommend it for the professional marketing manager?

    I am finishing school and am also a fulltime marketing manager over two different regions and am looking for my ‘ideal’ planner. Every review I’ve seen on YouTube always calls out tha the person is an individual business owner.


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