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  1. I’ll take a cup of coffee and a hug from you any day, Whitney. Thanks for having the courage to speak from your heart. I love it. It inspires.

    Wishing you a 2013 full of peace, happiness and prosperity…and very few struggles. 🙂
    xo, Tobi

  2. As always, your talks from the heart are incredible. I really need to work on letting go of a grudge. My best friend and I had a falling out last year that left me very, very hurt. We were friends for 20+ years and I considered the friendship to be a lifetime one. While I was the one hurt, I wanted to move forward with our friendship, but didn’t receive the same from her. I’ve tried to reach out to her. If I see her I attempt to speak, she’ll speak but it’s very short and basically only answers my question. I think this is what is so hurtful……I was the one hurt, but wanted to mend the friendship, but yet she is the one who makes it a point to not be around me and avoids me. That is what I struggle with. I actually went through a mourning with this loss of friendship, which probably sounds so silly, but true. Anyway, I get the point. She doesn’t want to be friends any longer. As hard as that is to accept, I realize it’s just a season and I’m looking back at the good moments of our friendship.

    1. As am reading this comment 8 years after,
      Ive started getting fear with the best friend I have, worrying that one day we may separate that way u were, this needs courage to handle, you were struggling for happiness n I can feel it,.. Nothing hurts than emotion
      I can feel u Elizabeth

  3. Beautiful opening of your heart, Whitney. I’ve never been one who looks forward to a new year, but this year, I actually am! 2012 was a roller coaster that just about wore me out, but I’m getting back in line and giving this ride another go because God is up to something good…all the time. The word God keeps speaking to my heart for this new year is HOPE. And for me, it’s a quiet but very active word that challenges me to flex my faith muscles. I’m so looking forward to working with you in this new year of HOPE!

  4. You are beautiful, thoughtful and pure writer. “Grace, Gratitude & God” – the 3 G’s – are an essential part of life. Wishing you an abundant 2013

  5. *hugs* I really needed to read this today. The “letting go” part has been the hardest for me. So much has happened this year to let go of, some things I’ve talked about and many I haven’t. But as you say, Hope does not disappoint! It never has, and it never will. I think I love you most, friend, for what you stand for. 🙂

  6. Wow. Just wow. That post was written to me. We lost our 11 year old son and his best friend in a lake accident on the fourth of July. And the struggle is part of the story. As much as I’d rather have him back or at least have known we’d only get 11 years and one day with him, I can see the Lord’s hand in everything since that day. We had 2500 people come to the joint funeral and over 10,000 watched it live online. The website crashed from people clicking on the “how to be saved button”. It is through our son’s life and tragedy that we have become who we are today. Who the Lord would have us be. As we face the six month mark tomorrow, we are reminded that God is good all the time and we need to be grateful. This is the first time I’ve read your blog and I’m so glad I did.

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  8. Whitney–
    I just now am catching up on blogs and read this post & while I’ve been a fan of your day designers (and love the one I own!) this post really hit home & was something I needed to hear. Thank you for the inspiration and the honest truth. xxo

  9. I am going through cancer for the fourth time. Breast cancer in 2004, and then diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3C in 2009. And yes, the struggle is just part of the story. These words are so meaningful to me, and I thank you from the purest part of my heart. Marsha

  10. What encouraging words to pass on and live by. Encourage: to inspire others to face the challenge in the face of disaster with courage and hope. To know they are not alone and someone has their back!!

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  13. I am a firm believer that every individual is writing their story. How we write it determines our destiny. Whatever season in life we are every chapter we live and yes somtimes survive, is the story others are reading about us. What story is your life telling right now? What story will we leave behind? Who better to entrust the copyrights to our story, than the author and finisher of life? In a world that is stuggling i so appreciate people like you who will speak their heart with wisdom from above. Continue to tell your story. God’s blessings to you!

  14. Well. I sure needed to read this. Struggle was the main topic of our story in 2012, as well. Struggle and grief and hardship and depression and overwhelm can just about paralyze a girl, or so I found. But thank God for His grace and mercy that is brand new each morning. It’s enough. You are a gifted writer, Miss Whitney. Thank you for allowing God to use your heart to inspire and encourage others.

  15. I came across this post looking for images with “struggle” in them and I cannot thank you enough for writing this! It is beautiful and so encouraging…just what I needed to read. Thank you so much!!!


  16. Hi A friend Posted the saying. The Struggle is part of the story.. I really didn’t know what it meant. So i Googled it and. Yoir the first one the popped ip.i didn’t get too far into reading it when i began to fill that Lump in my throat and began to Cry. Losing a relationship after 5 yrs and not even knowing he is a Narcisst until a friend says to me is what he is.. She ask me to go look it up. She was rite . ive never heard the word narcissist. But learned everything i heared on videos waa The exact same thing he was DOING To me. I cried and still stayed from 2014 till last yr October 2018. Its been a year o still have my hard day’s and cry and tell my self Has i not loved and trusted again . i WOULD NOT be in the Position vi am in today. Trying to start over again is so difficult. Than to land a Perfectly good paying job in July .just to lose it in November 7 2019 because some careless Driver hit me while waking. So its been so hard to let it go and forgive. Ive been TRYING so hard. But when life knocks you back down after being put through. 5 year’s of nothing but a lies. To know NARCISST DO NOT CARE .. TELL MYSELF . if he would hsve listened to me , when i said i didn’t want to get into a relationship just to get hurt go thru the emotions snd i had been singke 4 hours .He sat there and cried says he would NEVER CHEAT OR HURT ME. Knowing he would because finding out siince his 20’s hes been this way with women. So i guess this is the reason ive had such a hard time lettung go, forgiving, and Moving On . Anger because je waa forewarned not to do exactly what je knew hr would. So THANK YOU SO MUCH. IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE . YOUR RITE ON THE SPOT OF WHAT I NEED TO DO . IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO MOVE ON AND BE HAPPTY. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

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