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    1. Hi Barbara! Whitney does use both—the Day on One Page and Week on One Page were designed to work together and they make a great pair! Because the Day on One Page is undated, it’s easy to grab it for more detailed planning, and use the Week on One Page for an overview!

      *The Whitney English Team*

  1. Is there a way to try out the Day on One Page spread before purchasing? Potentially a sheet to print to test and see if it will work for me? I already love the Week on one Page format!

    1. Hi Rebecca! We are currently reformatting the downloads and hope to have an announcement about where you can find them, very soon.

  2. I use both the WOOP and DOOP in tandem and with this have found my planning sweet spot! The WOOP is what I use to plan ahead, manage information and send messages to my future self. I then use my DOOP to time block, take notes and manage tasks. After much trial and error I have simply found one planner doesn’t meet my needs but these two do!

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