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  1. I’m really excited for you to write more on this topic! Last year I dove head first into what I thought was an amazing business opportunity, and so far it hasn’t been. I’m overwhelmed and feel lost sometimes. But I know I don’t have any other choice than to keep going. And I want to keep going, but I need to learn where to focus my energy to make the most of what I have and also get what I need. Thanks for sharing a somewhat scary topic for others to learn from!

  2. Oh Whitney! You are just such a blessing and I hope you know that. I love that you speak in honesty and share your experiences. I see myself making some of these mistakes now. I need Authenticate to start today! 🙂

  3. I agree … I’m excited for you to write more on this! I’m one of those people that emailed you (at least a year ago) and what I’d really love is to get coffee and pick your brain! Or! Have you … or anyone, really … answer the tough questions to get to the bottom of why I’m doing what I’m doing and how I can grow. I know I’ve done many things wrong in my short time of being a small business entrepreneur and it’s comforting to know that everyone makes mistakes, but we all have to own them and learn from them.

  4. Can’t wait to read more on these thoughts!! I watched your interview with Hilary today and loved hearing you speak a little about this as well! One question I have is that I feel that I am in the midst of a turning point – people seem to like my products, and are purchasing them but I want to take it to the next step, streamline my shop and not feel so stretched thin, so meanwhile I am trying to learn all that I can (listening to the entrepreneur interviews, reading, etc.) I applied for the Stationery Academy scholarship but unfortunately was not chosen, do you have any other recommendations for retreats/books/seminars that may help in this arena?

    Thank you, I really appreciate your time and all the honest, advice and suggestions you provide us!


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