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  1. I love this blog and your heart for sharing what has been a growing and maturing experience. As the topic of Boundaries has become such a pop-psych concept for Christians, I wish more was being written about how hurtful boundaries can be when they are too rigid or set as a way to protect our own immaturity and punish others. I am so glad the Jesus did not give up on seeking me when he was within in his “right” to set a boundary and cut off relationship with my sinful, toxic behavior. We are to protect ourselves from toxic situations. But we are not to build walls to protect our sinful pride and call it boundaries. To love unconditionally, we must sacrifice at times and lean into what might make us uncomfortable. This is different than being used by others. Boundaries are to be inward focused. Boundaries should also be set on our own personality bents that are harsh…acknowledging our own tendency toward sin.

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