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  1. I love it too! I gave it some thought this morning and asked myself the “why” question as it pertains to my artwork. Immediately I came up with a whole bunch of words and reasons that describe my work…things I’ve been thinking or feeling but haven’t put into words until now. It’s amazing how many “why’s” there are for us creatives! I love to think about it as it really gives purpose to everything I do.

    Can’t wait for more thoughtful videos Whitney!

  2. I enjoyed this video and the advice so much! It’s not really easy at all to be different, creative, valued. I try to be myself everyday and to do and show the best of me, I think that’s to be different, a little bit.

    Thank you! This is truly adorable!

  3. I think you should continue your videos. Written words can be inspiring, but these videos make is even more special hearing from you. Love that Beaton quote? I purchased two of your Day Designers (alerted to them by designer Toby F) and they are terrific–almost too beautiful to write in them! Please continue these with your new business. I wish you much success.

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