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  1. Love this update; progress updates aren’t boring (in my opinion) and give more of a realistic, gritty – this is what life is really like outside of 1×1 boxes. It’s also encouraging to see the little by little and find some accountability, if even from afar, to keep going in our own little by little. I love the bullets for posts like these because everyone is writing dissertations these days and honestly, who has the time?

  2. Love this post, thanks for this update! It’s nice to hear about your new creative projects. I also love the branding of Gingham home & co.

  3. Absolutely appreciate the updates. It’s great to get some details about your projects and plans. I have to admit it was getting frustrating to read hints and tidbits without a lot concrete information. The bullet style is just fine and keep it coming!

  4. I think these kinds of posts are fine. Right now your focus is on the things you’re blogging about, NOT the blogging…
    I am going to do the opposite, so I feel like my upcoming blog will be all about the blogging itself – if I can EVER get it going….

  5. I love this kind of post! Lots of info – no fluff. And the colors for The Meeting House are yummy!

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