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  1. I just love the look of gallery walls. It is very beneficial to know you and have these immaculate instructions to follow. Signed Grateful

    1. Gallery walls are beautiful, aren’t they? Happy you found these instructions helpful!
      *The Whitney English Team*

  2. Thank you. This post is so helpful. I have a gallery wall that needs to be reworked: so many good tips here. I feel more confident about tackling it.

    1. So happy to hear this post came at a good time for you and that these tips gave you confidence in tackling your project!
      *The Whitney English Team*

  3. My husband has been collecting vintage railroad items (photos, advertisements, station signs, crossing signs) and we just moved into our new-to-us home. We plan to make a gallery wall of these items. The only space truly big enough seems to be the open stairwell. Is that an outdated idea, or still a good option?

    1. You’ve got this! Don’t forget to download the free printable, it’s a great guide, especially if it’s your first time trying a gallery wall!
      *The Whitney English Team*

  4. I am always afraid to do this because I don’t want it to come off cluttered but this has given me new inspiration.

    1. So happy to hear this has inspired you—come back and let us know how it turns out once you give it a try!
      *The Whitney English Team*

  5. I love how a gallery wall allows you to combine art, kids’ artwork, family photos, and mementos all into one display! Thanks for the great tips!

    1. Yes, galleries are such a great way to display a varied collection! Happy to hear you enjoyed the tips!
      *The Whitney English Team*

  6. Rule #2 (and how to break it!) is quite helpful. I’ve been gathering photos for a family memories gallery wall, this helped!

    1. We are so happy to hear the tips are helpful—love the theme of family memories for a gallery wall common thread!

      *The Whitney English Team*

  7. I would love to do this in my home. If only my walls weren’t solid concrete and those 3M sticky things would work for the larger frames. =( Great tips, by the way.

  8. Great post, thank you! We moved into our new home in June and I have only hung 1 picture up. All my pics/wall decor are still sitting in boxes in my dining room 😳
    Every weekend I say I’m going to tackle it, I’ve went shopping for new pieces that will ignite my motivation but didn’t find anything that particularly struck me. After reading this post, I’m going to stop overthinking it and just do it!

    1. Glad this post could help motivate you, Mary! Moving is such a process, but it will be so nice when all of your decor is out of the boxes and on the walls!
      *The Whitney English Team*

  9. The last time I arranged a gallery wall, I used only red frames of all different sizes, shapes and shades. I traced each frame onto paper from grocery bags. Then I taped the paper tracings onto my wall to see what they looked like. It was easy to rearrange until I got just the right look! Then I put the actual picture frames up in that configuration. Voila!

    1. The grocery bags are a great idea and love the use of color as a common thread!
      *The Whitney English Team*

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