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  1. I love the creative entrepreneurial world I’ve fallen into. I’ve met so many amazing, inspiring people (like you!) who are striving to make the world a better place through being their authentic selves – and that gives me so much hope and joy. Have a great Wednesday, Whitney! xo

  2. Whitney,

    My sister-in-law Chrissi told me all about you and your services, and I’m interested in speaking with you. I am an interior designer and I’m looking to find someone to help authenticate my brand. Please email me when you have a chance.



  3. Loved our talk last week, and your email today brightened my whole day! I am so grateful to be just one recipient of the outflow of your incredible vision and purpose! Your words and wisdom empower me! Can’t tell you how much that means to me!

  4. Really well put! You spoke that so clearly and explained something that so many people are looking for in such a great way! I help people balance their health and inner life so they can create the life they want from the inside out and this is always a point at which many people get really stuck. Thankfully I’ve always been a visually focused person so I guess I’ve always been able to easily connect to my purpose but, again, this was really so well put for those who can’t see it as clearly and for me as someone who is helping people find what their purpose is 🙂 Thank you!

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