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  1. Whitney, I find myself thinking the same thing sometimes and I have to stop and remind myself that I am blessed and should be thankful for everything I have. Congrats on Authenticate!

  2. Whitney, it breaks my heart to see your business close shop, but I just want you to know you ARE NOT a failure. You dared greatly 🙂 There is WAY better things ahead for you!! xoxox

    1. And hooray for daring greatly, right?!?! It does make me wonder what’s around the bend. Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement!

  3. Whitney,
    I am a get papered retailer and have to say that you in no way are a failure to me! You have been a major influence in my business and I thank you for bringing your unique and preppy (yet traditional) style to the industry. I wish you all the best in your future projects and hope to cross paths some day! 🙂

  4. What you did with Whitney English, your first baby, is something to be so incredibly proud of! Those doors may be closing, but only for new ones to open. You are admired by more people than you even know (myself being one), so hang your head high! 🙂

  5. I want to say that Whitney English had some of my favorite designs ever… so classic yet with such whimsy. I greatly admire you and your talent!

  6. Whitney, you have been such a huge inspiration to me recently! (I had reached out to you for advice on designing papers while you were facing this personal decision) I was sorry to read your blog earlier this week and learn about your difficult decision to close Whitney English. I know this is most likely one of the most challenging decisions you’ve had to make. In my eyes, and I’m certain many others, you’ve been a tremendous success! Your designs have been admired in all corners of this country! I know they made their way to Connecticut where I’m based because I’ve had the opportunity to write some of the best notes on your beautifully designed papers!

    I know you will continue to be a success in your next ventures and I look forward to seeing your name attached to something beautiful and creative!

    All the best,

  7. Your stationery will be missed! I remember babysitting for a friend who sold your stationery about 9 years ago— I’d browse thru her big catalog of Whitney English designs, amazed at the color and beauty of those happy designs! May The Lord bless you with peace and direction in the days ahead!

    1. Hi Margaret, yes, I will. The Etsy shop is a separate little business and I’ll keep it open just to keep my creative juices flowing!

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