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  1. Oh Whitney! You are the epitome of authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability. With a huge community of fans who adore your beautiful, human self and your perfectly imperfect headlines. 😉


  2. Whitney! I just wanted to tell you that despite your perceived imperfections, your planner saved me and my self esteem this past year. I was gifted the planner by my godmother last year. I was struggling with the new medication given to me for my autoimmune, it was affecting my cognitive skills. I couldn’t keep track of my thoughts and had very little short term memory.

    Thanks to you I was able to not feel so “other,” because you helped me be more me. Thank you.

  3. Hi Whitney,

    I’m the big jerk who pointed to one of your headlines as an example of a not-so-great one. You’re absolutely right about not wanting to be a company and wanting to be a human voice. Clearly you’re doing many things right with your blog and your company. I very much admire the work you do and the products you create. I’m human, too, and I feel horrible thinking that I’ve hurt you.

    On a related note, I do LOVE this post’s title and the one for “The One Thing You CAN Get Done Every Day.” I couldn’t wait to see what these things were! I do think they give a better idea of what the reader gets out of your posts.

    Sincerely sorry & hoping you don’t hate me too much,

    1. Rosella, so good to hear from you! I’m not offended at all–thank you for your sweet comment, and for the fun traffic spike! Congrats on writing for HP–such an honor! Warmly, Whitney

  4. I. LOVE. THIS. Don’t lose steam over someone’s opinion of what is good or right. You are honest, genuine and human. This is why we admire you!

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