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  1. Writing letters is an art form of the past that will be truly missed. Who doesn’t have old love letters from their Grandparents’ courting days….or that shoe box of triangle folded notes that were passed amongst the lockers in the hallway…those days will be missed and quickly forgotten as the tidal wave of digital writing continuously compounds leaving old writing lost in the archives.

  2. Writing is my download, my soap box, my sanity keeper. I guess it’s also a journal of sorts.
    Other bloggers make my life feel normal when I read their blogs. Their stories of letdowns, triumphs, silliness, and the regular day-to-day “stuff” isn’t the usual perfect facebook life I get from, well, Facebook.
    I miss your old blog, Pink. What was it called again? It feels like a million years ago.

  3. writing feels important because it forces clarity/hones purpose. we can’t effectively write without observation and that generally increases our intentionality.

    as a reader, i feel particularly grateful for writers 🙂

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