101 Ways To Make Ideas Happen

by Whitney on November 1, 2012

  1. Press send.
  2. Post it to Facebook.
  3. Post it to Twitter.
  4. Post it to Instagram.
  5. Send out an email blast.
  6. Add it to Pinterest.
  7. Turn off the TV.
  8. Quit second guessing yourself.
  9. Step out the front door. With your running shoes on.
  10. Say yes to something new.
  11. Say no to something old.
  12. Tell the world.
  13. Go.
  14. Set a timer for ten minutes, and just start.
  15. Make a list. Cross the low-priority stuff off.
  16. Prioritize life.
  17. Dream big. No. Bigger.
  18. Lean into discomfort.
  19. Create a challenge.
  20. Write a manifesto.
  21. Be ok with your flaws.
  22. Say yes to imperfection.
  23. Find beauty in the small things.
  24. Count your blessings.
  25. Change everything.
  26. Ask for help.
  27. Go ugly early.
  28. Take responsibility.
  29. Quit waiting around. Ask yourself, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”
  30. Get over yourself.
  31. Be a cheerleader.
  32. Create a community.
  33. Share your knowledge.
  34. Design a logo, just for yourself. Even if you’re not a designer.
  35. Name your idea.
  36. Start a movement.
  37. Champion a cause.
  38. Whatever you do, be consistent about it.
  39. Quit looking at the competition.
  40. Appreciate everyone.
  41. Treat everyone equally, but know your boundaries.
  42. Quit being such a fraidy cat.
  43. Stop making excuses. (Yeah, they sound like excuses to me).
  44. Listen to those who have been granted the gift of wisdom.
  45. Build a support team.
  46. Reciprocate.
  47. See a therapist.
  48. Go to church.
  49. Give up the fear of rejection.
  50. Love.
  51. Reach out to someone new.
  52. Rest.
  53. Replace negative energy with positive action.
  54. Forgive.
  55. Move on.
  56. Ask for directions.
  57. Read the directions.
  58. Try.
  59. Try again.
  60. Affirm yourself.
  61. Know your strengths.
  62. Quit focusing on your weaknesses.
  63. Collaborate.
  64. Read everything you can get your paws on.
  65. Ask questions. Relentlessly.
  66. Quit caring about what other people think.
  67. Quit trying to get people to like you who obviously aren’t interested in liking you or hanging out with you.
  68. Follow the wild hairs, the new-fangled notions, and the white rabbits.
  69. Be real.
  70. Have courage.
  71. Love others who have the courage to be real, too. It takes major strength for them to step out there, especially if they are sharing their hearts.
  72. Make a wish.
  73. Put it out there.
  74. Fall down.
  75. Stand up.
  76. Dust yourself off.
  77. Hold your shoulders back. Remember, Cinderella had to walk into the ball alone.
  78. Deal with it.
  79. Know yourself.
  80. Believe you can.
  81. Trust your team.
  82. Seek inspiration. You’ll find it.
  83. Throw it out there. See if it sticks.
  84. Brainstorm.
  85. Make a list.
  86. Blog.
  87. Self-publish.
  88. Show up.
  89. Risk.
  90. Challenge the status quo.
  91. Reinvent.
  92. Upset the apple cart.
  93. Admit fault. It’s amazing how this openness can change people’s response to you.
  94. Say you’re sorry.
  95. Define your WHY.
  96. Hone your HOW.
  97. Keep moving. Slow down, or speed up, but don’t stop.
  98. Unplug.
  99. Pace yourself.
  100. Never, never, never give up.
  101. Repeat.

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