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  1. I have avoided naps like the plague as an adult! I think I saw it as a waste of time or missing out. However, in recent months, I’ve come to love an indulgent nap, especially on a Sunday afternoon. I work in a corporate office (back in the office since May 18th), so napping during the workday doesn’t happen for me, and Saturdays are always full of errands and have-tos. But that leaves the wonderful treat of a Sunday afternoon nap. So restorative!
    The guidance to plan your day with your capacity and energy in mind is perfect! I’m working on being honest about my limitations, and then doing my best to be intentional during my maximum energy hours. I’m also planning ahead for my afternoons, which are my struggle area too. I have an energy drink and take a quick walk around the building if I’m feeling sluggish or sleepy.
    Thanks for the great post!

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