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  1. Hi Whitney,
    I am an Instagram followers of yours, and the quotes you have been sharing over the past few weeks have been hitting me to the core. It is exactly what I need to hear. I am going through a difficult time, and these simple but powerful quotes have been resonating with me. I am in the midst of finding the courage to be brave to make the really hard changes and to get “down and dirty”, hoping that it will bring a better future. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts today!

  2. I stumbled upon your blog (thanks to bloglovin’!) and couldn’t leave without letting you know how refreshing, encouraging and gentle this post was to me. Moments before I was wallowing about not having many people in my life to speak truth to my heart, especially in moments when I feel I’m digging myself out of that hole. Your words spoke truth to my heart, thank you!

  3. Hi Whitney ,
    I so enjoyed your blog & wondered if you would be so kind as to share the source of your daily quotes. That was a great one! I love your blog & can’t wait to receive my Day Designer.
    Thank you & aloha, Deborah

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