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  1. i’m into brene brown’s books and work. I just finished a course with her called COURAGEworks and it changed my life completely and in ways i didn’t expect. she has a course starting in the fall called “the gifts of imperfect parenting” that you might want to check into- i seriously cannot wait to take it but until then i’m going to check out grace based parenting…thanks for the tip 🙂

  2. SEE: “seeing less of my phone screen” yes, this one is a BIG challenge, it’s worth it, because I find that I get distracted by all of the pretty pictures ALL the time. But for me I want to see more of my creativity, I get so caught up in work and having social media presence that I forget there is so much more beauty and creativity to explore.

    READ: Currently, I’m reading None Like Him by Jen Wilkin, Jesus Calling and Becoming Myself.

    HEAR: Birds chirping/singing. I love listening to the sounds of mother nature, the most vibrant sounds I hear are the birds, they wake me in the morning, sing to me all day and as of late, the raindrops on the roof. So peaceful.

    WATCH: I binge watch my shows once a week, so I’m currently catching up on Scandal, Rosewood, Blindspot, and my eldest daughter and I are on the final episode of the final season of American Idol. I’ll have to finish that episode tomorrow morning, totally forgot.

    DO: Something for myself — Hmmm… Yes… This is a tricky one, I try to DO something for myself every week, just one thing, a long shower, put on make up, buy myself that special little something, cook myself a great lunch… Lately, I’ve been embracing the selfie, so hard, I hide from the camera, I’m hoping to create a selfie album for the month of May.

    Thank you for this so, you’ve inspired me, mind if I share this/something similar on my blog?

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