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  1. I think Mother Nature gave us both a Rose performance boost this coming Spring. The extra cold bursts we have both endured in Oklahoma and Texas will give our roses a little bit extra. I find when we have a cold winter but not arctic conditions for an extended period of time, give the roses more energy. Texas was blessed by not having a Frozen winter event like last year. So although most of my bedding plants did freeze, my roses got a bit windburned but they are already perking up. I wanted to keep the bedding plants in place to see if they would comeback but my yard guys had other plans for them, and they were pulled out. Oh well. This year I will be plugging in more roses in the front beds and packing them with new bedding plants. Since I was starting from scratch last year, thanks to the Big Texas Freeze, I had to replace all my rose bushes. And that was a competitive sport down here. Everyone had the same idea. I came face to face with a former coworker at a nursery in the rose bush section. I found exactly what I wanted and I loaded up on the 3 available I wanted. She grabbed the tag on the last one I had in my hand before I placed it onto the cart. I told her she could look at the tag to see what it was but she couldn’t have the plant. All is far in love and war over rose bushes.

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